The Mexican star Carlos Vela currently plays for LA FC and is one of the most praised players in MLS. Ever since joining the club in 2018, Vela’s player value has increased tremendously since then. Will he be crowned king of MLS? Or is he just like any other player known?


He’s got impressive shooting ability, endurance, dribbling, in other words, Carlos Vela. LA FC’s number 10 is in perfect condition, reaching a total of 32 goals in the 2018/19 season (transfermarkt.us). The 31 year old winger has established his territory, LA FC.

Since 2006, Vela was a loan player meaning it was difficult for him to stay at a stable team until Real Sociedad (2012-2018). Once Vela set foot in MLS, it all felt natural for him to show his abilities which everyone were shocked seeing his performance. For being an official transfer, the loan curse is finally over and we can all say where his true home is.

One can say he’s overrated, another can say he’s a hard worker. At this point, comparing his age and performance has no correlation. Vela was an outstanding player that did not have the proper appreciation in his younger days. Let’s sit back and enjoy this one of a kind player that can take his team for victories endlessly.


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